Unique technology achievements combined with practical application

Cognitive computing that delivers intelligent business automation

We rely on the cognitive computing technology which transforms how decisions are made and how work gets done. Cognitive computing works with data in a manner previously associated only with humans.

Our cognitive computing implementation uses sophisticated Computer Vision tech that hasn’t existed before. We combine Deep Learning, Cognitive science, human perception, math modeling, Probabilistic AI, and digital image processing.

50+ unique algorithms and approaches

Besides that, we have implemented a multi-cloud service infrastructure that ensures unlimited scalability

Recreating human cognition

Libraries Modules Containers Pipelines
50+ unique algorithms and approaches
Deep learning Math modeling Machine perception Cognitive Science Probabilistic AI DIP

Why it’s different?

Usually our competitors target limited cases and try to solve them with the simple digital image processing. Such solutions provide lots of output data but no decision based on this data.

Whereas algorithms created by AIHunters have the “Cognitive decisions” stage. This part of processing helps to make human-mimicking decisions and gather the knowledge retrieved from bare data. Then this knowledge is transferred to human employees as explicit commands which help to achieve intelligent business automation.

“Representations” stage

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  • Deep Learning
  • Digital Image Processing

“Cognitive Decisions” stage

Make human-mimicking decisions and gather implicit knowledge

  • Probabilistic AI
  • Cognitive Science
  • Math Modelling

“Knowledge Transfer” stage

Give instructions

  • Adaptive
  • Essential
  • Explicit

Let technology do the heavy lifting

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