Human & Machine Collaboration

Computer vision-based business automation systems

The unique approach of AIHunters

50+ custom reusable cognitive pipelines set up for your demands

Comprehensive processing infrastructure ready for use

Time-to-market is as short as 2 weeks

Unstoppable AI + productization team

Practical business automation insights

Your average deep learning-based systems deliver ragged unstructured data that needs further processing. It takes additional time and resources.

AIHunters is sparing you from these headaches.

We transform all the data retrieved by our custom cognitive computer vision algorithms into explicit human-oriented instructions to automate any business pipeline that you need. Our systems know exactly what to do with the data insights.

  • Define your business automation goals
  • Use our unsupervised robots
  • Watch your work being done tenfold faster

Thrive with the cognitive business automation by AIHunters


protection from critical falses and errors


faster processing than the manual one


less costly than to do it from scratch

Proven expertise in untangling the most complex data

We process video footage for the Media and Entertainment industry. Meaning that we have to deal with the multi-dimensional video data which is considered the most complex data existing to process with computer vision. It makes the task of post-processing cognitive automation extremely hard.

But there’s nothing impossible for AIHunters with our vast technological expertise.

Our Technology

We tackle the challenge with our bleeding-edge tech stack:

  • Deep learning / Machine learning
  • Probabilistic AI
  • Math modeling
  • Cognitive computer vision
  • Machine perception
  • Digital image processing
  • And even more

Our brain-inspired computer vision platform

saves hundreds of hours of manual work daily

Already delivering value to 2 million end-users

AIHunters has created a cloud platform for massive, intelligent, and highly scalable video editing automation.

Our Cognitive Mill™ product leverages biology-inspired visual analysis algorithms. And it already brings tangible value to our customers measured by hundreds of hours of automated video processing.

Cognitive Mill™

Intelligent, automated, scalable video processing

We build a unique technology framework consisting of AI and cognitive science. That technological blend is perfect for automating production processes for the M&E industry involving video content analysis: movies, sports broadcasts, TV shows, user-generated content, and more with the human level of comprehension.

  • Unseen contextual understanding
  • No additional data needed
  • Specifically designed for the M&E
  • Proprietary technology application
  • Brain-inspired computer vision
  • Anticipating tomorrow’s demand

Ready-for-integration scalable infrastructure

Our out-of-the-box solutions for cognitive business automation support any type of data ingest:

  • Video files
  • Live video streams
  • Datafeeds
  • Images
  • Audio

And have a number of well-developed ways of collaboration with the systems:

  • UI for the control of results
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Process and usage management
  • Documented API

The stellar team behind the advanced AI

The AIHunters team are the researchers, enablers, inventors who strive to make the world a better, more organised place.


There’s not a single business automation challenge that AIHunters isn’t ready to tackle!

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