Human machine

AIHunters extends human cognitive abilities and makes media consumption and viewing experience as personalised as it can reach.

SAAS. Augmented
intelligence in cloud

Our systems are tailor-made for the media and entertainment industry, knowing where the bottlenecks are and how to eliminate them with the power of human-AI partnership.

Movie credits detection

AI-based service for defining the beginning of the final credits in movies and TV series.

Football slow-motion replays detection

AI-based graphic elements detection in sports.

Emotional Journey analysis

Automated analysis of the emotional part of the movie.

Plagiarism detection and anti-piracy analysis

AI-based scene comparison to find contextual and visual similarities in video content.

Content compliance proof

Automatically detecting potentially harmful content by a single example.

Automated sports highlights generation

AI-based attention moments segmentation for professional football and basketball games.

Ads detection

Unsupervised detection of outstanding blocks in linear video streams.

Movie metadata generation

Automated movie context description — making metadata granulation hundreds of times deeper.

Video clustering

Automated video segmentation into logically-split parts

Unsupervised abnormal content (behaviour) analysis

Automatically detect pieces of content that differ from the pattern that the algorithm learned before.

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We are AI Scientists, researchers, enablers. We strive to make the world a better, more understandable place. There’s enough entropy in the world. We want to reduce the amount.

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