Custom cognitive pipelines

Custom software development on top of 50+ modules and libraries already created by AIHunters. Delivering your custom pipeline by combining those modules just for your business needs with a minimal set-up fee. We guarantee 99,9% protection from errors and falses.

Research and technical investigation

If you need a complex deep tech task to be solved, our scientific team can join forces to deliver full-fledged research with the potential of becoming a business solution. Our computer vision-based automation brings real business value. Nothing’s impossible for us.

Product and modules licensing

AIHunters has already developed a suite of products each of which consists of reusable cognitive modules. You can license these out-of-the-box products and smart modules to power up your AI-based business automation.

Infrastructure as a service

We have developed a comprehensive multi-cloud infrastructure that is a powerful basis for the management of our Ai pipelines. You can use this infrastructure on-demand to bring your smart business automation to life.

Why AIHunters

Agility and flexibility

The AIHunters team is ready to meet any scientific and technical challenges. There’s no issue demanding cognitive intervention that couldn’t be solved by our curious minds. Whether intelligent media workflows automation or highly accurate security solutions — be sure that our team is ready to deliver the best value.

Reusable cognitive modules

To this day, we have already developed over 50 unique cognitive modules (such as dynamics and anomaly assessment, audio structure check, human focus analysis, and many more) that can be compiled into the workflow that you need. What you get is a highly scalable business automation system that can be developed in just 2 weeks.

Unmatched cognitive computing expertise

Our AI scientists are always challenging the ‘status quo’ and inventing new methods to solve well-known tasks. We adopted cognitive computing to tackle the tasks where simple AI can’t solve the problem. We are working with multi-dimensional video data and untangling it to deliver not just bare detections, but practical, human-like business advice.

Think outside the bounding box!

When ordinary technology applications fail to deliver, the solutions delivered by AIHunters never do.

Our Technology

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