Leverage industry-grade cognitive automation by AIHunters

The industries we cover

Manufacturing automation

Automated production quality control

Leverage computer vision inspection systems for production line monitoring to ensure proper visual control. Automate your manual quality control with our smart solutions.

Behavior analysis

Analyze human behavior to see how your employees move, interact, unveil their common patterns. Help them to be most productive with the help of smart factory automation.

Safety and security control

Whether the safety of your employees or predictive equipment maintenance — our AI-based automation solutions will help you avoid the damage and automate manual tasks with the highest efficiency.

Anomaly detection

Detect any outstanding activity or behavior instantly with the help of our unsupervised algorithms that don’t need prior training. This kind of solution will be delivering value just upon set up.

Media and Entertainment

Automated sports highlights generation

Smart end credits and side content skip

Context-based ad management

Movie trailers and summarization

Automated cropping from landscape to portrait mode

Intelligent EPG correction

Nudity detection and auto-filtering

Contextual plagiarism and piracy detection

Automated video editing and clipping

Emotional journey analysis for video

Automated movie cast generation

Repetitive moving graphics detection

Healthcare technology

Medical imagery analysis

Computer vision-driven medical imagery analysis is a real way of overcoming the errors caused by the amounts of medical imagery passing through a doctor’s hands. Computer vision helps to automate the diagnosis process and to identify even the smallest deviations early.

Remote patient monitoring

Visual patient condition monitoring solutions make remote care easier and far more scalable. By leveraging our cognitive computer vision, you will be able to detect all the anomaly events, receive an alert instantly when help is needed. All that automatically and providing time to focus on other tasks.

Hospital safety and security

Hospitals and other medical facilities are places of high risk that need proper security automation. It is needed to monitor people's movements to prevent the spread of disease and involuntary infection. This becomes much easier with the computer vision-based analysis systems that can be developed for your specific needs.

Senior care and safety

We offer custom remote monitoring solutions development to protect the people with a higher risk of dangerous events, such as falling, sudden exacerbation, need for help. With our vast amount of expertise in cognitive computing-based automation, we can create a safe automatically-monitored environment.

Security and public safety

Police and law enforcement

We offer high-quality tracking systems for body-worn equipment that work under any conditions. Detect threats automatically, provide law enforcement with a powerful computer vision-based analytical tool.

Home security and safety

Based on our custom cognitive analysis algorithms and reusable software, we can develop a home security monitoring system that will meet your specific needs.

Covid-19 threats monitoring

Computer vision-based infection tracking system developed for your needs can protect the population from the spread of disease. Our multi-object tracker allows for the highest accuracy despite the conditions.

City surveillance

Pedestrian and traffic monitoring automation, AI-based public threats analysis, proactive forensics can make every city a safer place. With our visual analysis modules and cognitive decision-making algorithms, the process can be fully automated.

Industrial automation is powered up by computer vision systems by AIHunters!

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