We are bringing the latest cognitive automation developments to IBC 2022!

Three whole years have passed since the last IBC expo, and we are happy to return once again for our second run! Now, in person.

The whole team of co-founders, business-development managers, and engineers are stoked to show what they have been cooking, and meet fellow industry enthusiasts!

Superb OTT experience with AI-based automation

During the expo, we will be showcasing everything that our CognitiveMIll™ Cloud Platform has to offer to the M&E industry.

We offer a unique platform that applies advanced tech to automate repetitive tasks in any video content production pipeline. It enables the machine to make decisions based on deep, human-like understanding of context.

Having built the suite of 8 solutions — each of those facilitating different tasks of the media industry — our industry customers saw a 50x increase in production speed and a 5x reduction in the cost of post-processing and editing.

We will share our experience of automating the video content production for the M&E industry, and demonstrate the product in action!

M&E robotization demo

Oleg Gubin, the Co-Founder and CEO of AIHunters, will showcase the capabilities of the CognitiveMill™ Cloud platform, providing insight into the potential of media pipeline automation.

Oleg will talk about the benefits which the media industry can get by steering away from manual post-processing, and how AIHunters will make use of Omniverse to build virtual experiences.

The cherry on top — he will demonstrate all 8 solutions that analyze the video content to:

  • Generate sports highlights;
  • Make trailers and contextual thumbnails;
  • Check the content for piracy and plagiarism;
  • Skip opening/closing credits;
  • Implement EPG correction;
  • Fetch cast members' information;
  • Deliver contextual ads;
  • Filter inappropriate content.

Our solutions can do all that because they understand the footage on a whole other level. We managed to enable our technology to make sense of the footage just like the humans do: so it gets the context, the plot structure, and other things that help it make better-informed decisions.

You can catch the demo at the Innovation Stage on September 11, 13:00.

And there’s more.

NAGRA partners with AIHunters for live ad insertion

Striving to make a difference in the media industry, we are starting our pilot integration with NAGRA — a Kudelski Group company that provides content protection and multi-screen television solutions.

AIHunters will facilitate live ad insertion for NAGRA’s sports apps, improving the viewer experience of the users. CognitiveMill™ precisely identifies the end of the period and inserts the contextually-appropriate advertisement automatically.

Beyond that — we are considering expanding our partnership by implementing an automated sports highlights generation.

You can see the pilot at the NAGRA stand (1.C81) all throughout the IBC 2022 show from 9th-12th of September.

Oxagile team up to improve the OTT experience

We are also working closely with Oxagile, a leading end-to-end video system integrator to bring cognitive-powered automation to OTT, improving the viewing experience.

Answering the demand for personalization, we are providing cognitive features that will help OTT providers build solid products catering to their viewers' needs and desires.

Meet the AIHunters team at Booth 5.G40, CE Hall

Come on down to talk! We will be happy to demonstrate our product, answer your questions, and talk partnership!

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