Cognitive Mill™

The human brain constantly collects information and compares it with the internal representations about the world. It’s through those complex processes we get to, you know — draw decisions just about anything.

But what if we tell you that the technology can be used to imitate human thought and decision-making processes? That’s what we are bringing to the media and entertainment industry.

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Cognitive Mill

Why did we create Cognitive Mill?

There is a need for the analysis of multi-dimensional complex data from the entertainment domain to slash costs and time of media processing.

Human can’t rely on machine for video understanding. A machine is trained for seeing and recognising, but not understanding and decision-making.

Our brain-inspired computer vision platform

saves hundreds of hours of manual work daily

Already delivering value to 2 million end-users

AIHunters has created a cloud platform for massive, intelligent, and highly scalable video editing automation.

Our Cognitive Mill™ product leverages biology-inspired visual analysis algorithms. And it already brings tangible value to our customers measured by hundreds of hours of automated video processing.

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Intelligent, automated, scalable video processing

We develop and adapt AI and cognitive science and pack them in the unique technology framework. It is specifically designed for the intelligent M&E industry automation by processing movies, sports, shows, TV channels, user-generated content, and more with the human level of comprehension.

  • Unseen contextual understanding
  • No additional data needed
  • Specifically designed for the M&E
  • Proprietary technology application
  • Brain-inspired computer vision
  • Anticipating tomorrow’s demand

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